Friday, August 21, 2009

Say hello to Leeroy!

Just wanted to put up a pic of my little buddy Leeroy. He's a Genestealer from the Games Workshop table-top war game "Warhammer 40k". I've converted him just a bit from the stock form, namely the elongated arms, mandible pieces, and his tail. I used cut off arms from a Hero-Clix Dr. Octopus to do the modding.

He's a great hugger, and always wins in games of tag...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First shot across her bow...

So here's the the opening statement for the new blog (God help me I've got two now!) and I just want to clear up why. I plan on using this one to devote solely to all things nerdly. I feel that I can free up a little brain space if I have a dedicated spot for my geekiness, that way I don't have to rein it in on my "serious" site. You have now been warned, yes it may get that geeky on here.